Ice Climbing/Cascade Climbing
Ice climbing
is a fast growing sport with hundreds of amazing venues. Waterfalls freeze up to form rivers of ice flowing down mountain faces and in valley gullies. As a medium to climb, ice is an exciting way get into exposed and wild spots. Very quickly you can progress from an introductory level to climbing at a high standard in comparison to rock climbing. With crampons and axes you have perfect holds each time you move up the ice that attach you to the mountain. Our Guides are regularly climbing for themselves and with clients across Europe and further afield.

Classic Guided Climbs in the Alps
Guides can take you up any climb from a very simple grade 1/2 to a steep vertical ice pillar grade 6. As with everything is best to start at a comfortable level and progress as skills and confidence  improve. Once above the magic height of 1500m you always can find ice to climb. Late November till end of April. The months of Jan to March being the most reliable. As Scotland never gets that high the conditions vary hugely. For this reason Alpine Ice Climbing has become very popular with visiting British Climbers. You get whats on the packet! Ice Climbing.
Ice Climbs that are popular with our Guides include:

  • Cogne; Ollomont; Val Saverenche in the  Val D’Aosta, Italy
  • Kandersteg; Arolla; Zinal; Mauvasion  in Switwerland
  • Chamonix Area
  • La Grave in the Ecrins , France

General Programe include the skills:

  • Learn to move efficently on ice climbs.
  • Rope work for climbing Ice Routes
  • Abseiling off Ice climbs and ice threads
  • Placing Ice Screws
  • Avalanche avoidance
  • Choosing the right climb, Guide books, using Avalanche bulletins, weather forecasts.

Other Ice Climbing Venues that run bespoke Ice Trips to include:

  • Morocco Toubkal Ice
  • Norway Senja and Ruykan
  • Canada
  • Slovenia
  • China

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