Winter Climbing

Ice Climbing and Winter Mountaineering are the basic skills that under pin Alpine Climbing. Walking and climbing over snow and ice require particular skills and equipment that meet the harsh conditions of the coldest months. Moving over steep snow requires use of crampons and axes along with ropework on classic gully climbs. For the climber the winter has a different range of techniques and equipment to climb ridges, gullies and buttresses. Learning to climb in winter offers a great and potentially dangerous environment for the novice. Guides can give you experiences and skills that will enable you to safely travel on snow and ice, attempt ridges in winter conditions along with scaling ice and mixed climbs. Guides regularly run courses all over the globe.

Common courses Guides run are for novices

  • Winter Skills Courses/ Mountaineering/walking courses
  • Winter Climbing Courses, Lear to ice and mixed climb
  • Guided Ice Climbs
  • Ice climbing Expeditions

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