Suggested Kit List for Trekking

Here’s a general trekking kit list, aimed at european trekking. It’s important to have the essentials and maybe a couple of luxury’s but remember light is right. Do everything possible to keep the weight of your kit down.
Boots;Traditional leather walking boots are ideal for trekking. For dryer climates a lot of people are now using trail running shoes, these are much lighter than traditional boots. If you chose trail shoes make sure they are water proof and have a good sole designed for trails. Trail running shoes with built in gaiters are fantastic at keeping your feet dry and stopping gravel getting in your socks.
Gaiters; Essential bits of kit in the wet. For dryer climates stubby gaiters, that come to just below your calf, will do the job. However if your heading somewhere wet and muddy its got to be fall length gaiters, just below the knee.
Water proof jacket and trousers, make sure you can get your trousers on over your boots. A breathable fabric such as Gortex will make your life more pleasant.
Sun hat;The bigger the better, sun glasses, sun shirt, sun block.
Fleece hat, neck gaiter, thermal shirt, fleece, down jacket, shorts, trekking trousers, socks plus spare socks, gloves.
Blister kit; Compeed,zinc oxide tape, small wound dressings, anti septic cream, enough for your whole trip.
Anti inflammatory, aspirin and any medication you take,i.e. asthma inhaler.
For alpine huts; sheet sleeping bag but no sleeping bag, head torch, ear plugs or music for sleeping.
Rucsack 30/40 ltrs with a water proof cover or dry liners.
Walking poles if you normally use them.

Money; Don’t rely on credit cards in the hills, cash is king in mountain huts and cafes.

Passport, insurance papers, Alpine club membership or BMC card may get you a discount in the huts if you have it.

Rock climbing
No Experienced needed – Learn to Climb
Some indoor /outdoor climbing -Learn to Lead
Some Leading Experience- Coaching Leading
Winter Hill walking experience–Introductory Alpine Climbing
Winter Hill walking/ Some Winter climbing-4000m Peaks
Previous Alpine course/climbs/Competent Second on rock/ Lead on rock-Technical Alpinism

<p> Level of fitness table</p>

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