Off Piste Guiding 

Off-Piste days with a Mountain Guide

Off-piste skiing is an exhilarating way to enjoy the m0untains however it is also a serious and exacting activity. When we leave the managed pisted area we should be part of a well lead and well equipped group. As guides we always endeavor to find the best routes with the best snow on the day and above all to stay safe. For the majority of off-piste ski days, the maximum group size per guide is 6

What level do I need to be?

At a minimum you will need to be a competent piste skier. To be able to confidently ski black runs in any condition is an excellent starting point. We offer off-piste days from ‘introduction’ through to ‘expert’, however it is vital that the day is constructed around your level of ability. Ideally groups are fairly evenly matched.


Mountain guides don’t take the role of a ski instructor however we activly coach the group  during the day. The off-piste skill set is different to that on-piste and we guide you through the transition. Powder skiing in particular can only be learned on powder!


Skis: Theoretically, any ski can be used for off-piste, however selecting a dedicated off-piste ski will improve your stability and performance.  We recommend ‘all-mountain’ skis (ideally fitted with touring bindings). These skis are do-it-all tools that perform adequately on piste, powder and are not unduly heavy if we tour uphills. We recommend an underfoot measurement of between 95mm and 105mm, and we recommend the length of the ski to be somewhere between your nose and forehead.

Avalanche safety: All group members should carry a shovel, probe and transceiver, these items can be provided by the guide on the day.




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