Avalanche Awareness Day

Basic Avalanche Awareness (Day 7 Hours)

Many a skier has wandered off into the powder away from the protected sanctuary of the controlled pisted ski areas. The thrill of these off piste runs can soon tempt you further still from the safe area venturing into steeper and less familiar terrain. To make an informed  decision on how likely  the slope will avalanche, takes knowledge of the weather, snow pack and terrain. To help build your judgement Guides can explain the basics of how avalanches occur , in able you to avoid hazardous areas and in the case of an avalanche organise a search and rescue.
Guides, over a day skiing around a ski area, will cover the essential  basic skills and knowledge to get you started to help build up your own awerness.

General Programme adopted by Guides

  • How to spot a potentially dangerous slope.
  • In case of straying into a risky area how to adopt  travel ‘Safe travel’
  • Teach you some basics about snow science and how to make a simple assessment of the layers in the snow pack.
  • Some guidelines on using weather forecasts, avalanche bulletins and Ski off piste Guide books and maps.
  • Overview of safety Equipment while skiing off piste. Avalanche Tranceivers, probes, shovels and their use in searching foa buried skier.

Example of Venues
Many skiers and snow boarders as part of a ski week, do a days avalanche training. Using your local ski area the Guide can easily run a day any resort. But Guides will prefer to get high to experience different terrain and snow packs. Areas commonly used by the team

  • Mont Blanc area: Chamonix , Grand Montet
  • Vaudois: Villars ski Area and Diablerets
  • Porte du Soleil: Avoriaz
  • Valais: Zermatt

Equipment that you might need on the day

  • Skiers need to be dressed for a mountain ski with extra warm layer.
  • A rucksack is essential for your extra warm later, lunch, drink.
  • You will be given a probe, shovel and tranceiver to carry.
  • A suitable ski pass for the day and ski insurance

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