Self Rescue Climbing Courses
Rock Climbing, scrambling and mountaineering all adventurous and exciting activities we all love. But at times as with the definition of Adventure ‘an uncertain outcome!’ things do not always go to plan. On a rock climb you might need to retreat due to bad weather or unable to progress on a difficult crux. On a sea cliff you might need to ascend a rope to escape the incoming tide. A friend may have fallen and needs to be evacuated to safety. Pulling a partner out of a crevasse or cliff may need to use the mechanical advantage of a hoist and a pully system.For climbers they often need to learn how to use new modern bits of kit to make them safer climbers.

Feeling like you can deal with situations makes the climber feel more in control and subiquently more relaxed. As Guides we train climbers in self rescue and is a standard part of much of our work. The basic skills cover many different skills. The same hauling systems, for example, are the same in principle on a glacier, sea cliff or mountain side. Some fundemental skills we common teach on our courses include:

  • Use of Prussiks and mechanical clamps(ropeman, duck, traction etc)
  • Ascending up a rope (out of a crevasse or cliff)
  • Abseiling with back up prussik and with a casuality
  • Hauling
  • Building belays
  • Dealing with double ropes
  • Lowering people
  • Escaping the system

Venues can include a combination of any single pitch crag and climbing wall for basic introductions and for big senerios Multi pitch crags.


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