Learn to Lead

For many climbers its a big leap making your first steps as a leader. Tying onto the ‘sharp end’ of the rock for the first time  is a big moment. Every climber remembers their first lead. The unknown boundaries of your mental and climbing ability are not truely tested till you found yourself climbing an unknown rock face. Will run out of strength, will you start to wobble and shake with the pressure and ultimately can I trust my protection and rope work. All questions that run through your mind.

Teaching Leading
Guides can help you walk through the steps of building some experience and judgement to make the progress a lot safer and enjoyable. Guides will help you progress onto leading advising you the right grade and suitable route for your aspirations. As you climb the watchful eye of the Guide will make sure your rope work doesn’t tangle, your runners are solid and the belayer ready in case of a fall. The way we teach leading is a logical progression from seconding to leading with a safety rope and finally leading without a rope above. At the final stage the coach will be close by , often on a fixed rope, in case to move in quickly, to clip the climber onto the back up rope.

Coaching points for the Leading

  • Approach to leading and safety
  • Mental preparation and dealing with psychological aspects
  • Coaching movement
  • Coaching visualization of moves
  • Readying the rock/line
  • Placing gear strategies
  • Falling
  • Holding falls
  • Climbing with two ropes
  • Sports climbing and the ‘Red Point’ approach
  • Training of power, strength and stamina



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