Use of Climbing Walls
In most major towns across Europe you with find an indoor climbing wall/gym. The rapid growth of climbing walls is due to the increase demand by climbers to train and climb in the evenings and poor weather. Its also now a popular place to get a taster of the sport without all the hassles of going to a crag. For climbers who are keen to improve using a wall regularly helps improve their technique, power and stamina for outside rock routes. The perfect training facility.

  • Ideal training for fitness
  • Learn to climb
  • Basic belaying and rope safety
  • Learn to lead
  • Bouldering skills

Guides can offer help with many uses of the climbing wall.

  • Instructing and supervising groups
  • Teaching skills
  • Introducing leading
  • Technical self rescue courses
  • Big Wall training
  • training for instructors and SPA.
  • Technical expert consultancy.

Moving beyond the Climbing wall

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