UK Rock Climbing
As UK and Irish Guides we all have a soft spot for Traditional climbing around the the UK. There is nothing like climbing a classic rock route and following in the steps of other past climbers. British climbing has a unique character of following strong features on the cliff and using natural gear (nuts and cams)  to protect the climber while leading. Guides can offer training and Guiding courses through out the islands.
The UK has some the best traditional climbing in the world. The sport of rock climbing started in the last century and ‘Napes Needle’ on Great Gable in Wasdale the Lakes was one of the first recorded climbs in the world. The sport of rock climbing now covers the whole of the UK. There are hundreds of climbing clubs almost one in every town and The BMC supports the climbers. The climbing guide books for the UK are numerous and a source of good inspiration. Many climbers gain there experience from such Guide books and the stories that go with the early ascents.

Whether it be ‘Classic ‘, ‘Hard’ or ‘Extreme’ rock ticks the Guides can help you complete these Dream Climbs. Popular venues:
The Peak District
North Wales
The Lakes

To find a Guide for your chosen adventure please fill in the enquiry form, at the bottom of each page. Please include your contact details and some specifics information about what you are after. Once the form is submitted all Guides will receive the enquiry. Guides who are available will respond directly to yourselves with an email

As we all work independantly each Guide has their own pricing structure. This will vary depending on the seriousness of the climb and mountain, the length of the day and the numbers of clients involved.

Rock climbing
No Experienced needed – Learn to Climb
Some indoor /outdoor climbing -Learn to Lead
Some Leading Experience- Coaching Leading
Alpinism Winter/ Hill walking experience–Introductory Alpine Climbing
Winter Hill walking/ Some Winter climbing-4000m Peaks
Previous Alpine course/climbs/Competent Second on rock/ Lead on rock-Technical Alpinism

For any rock climbing a general level of fitness is required. To start the sport its more important just to want to have a go. Having a level of fitness or ability isn’t a pre requirement. For leading it is worth having some time on a climbing wall so that hanging to holds long enough can allow placing protection. For alpine rock a good level of fitness and some rock climbing experience is required

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