Rock Climbing Kit
For a typical trad route climbers will carry sufficient equipment to place more than enough runners to keep them safe in case of a leader fall. Along with the ‘runners’ the leader must carry gear to build a safe anchor to make a strong belay to bring the second up to the climbers stance. Depending on the length of the pitch and the quality and type of rock climbers will carry more or specific gear (rack). The length of a pitch is limited by the rope length, generally 2 half 60m ropes are used for trad routes. The norm for trad climbing is a good harness that has at least 2 gear loops on either side and one for spare belay gear at the rear. Helmets make sense and most climbers opt for a lightweight foam/plastic construction. Rock boots that the climber wears for more challenging climbs generally are not worn with socks to allow ultimate feel and ability to stand on small edges. Basic equipment for all climbers

  • Harness
  • Rock Boots
  • Helmet
  • Belay plate plus pear shaped karrabina
  • nut key to extract stuck runners
  • 2 prussik loops (45cm loops when tied with a knot)
  • 2 120cm slings
  • 4 screw gates lightweight

Classic Trad rack

  • Full set of Cams
  • 2-3 Hexes
  • 2 Full set of wired nuts 1 to 10
  • 12 Quick draws of varying length
  • 2 120cm slings
  • 1 set of micro brass nuts

Sports Climbing rack

  • 14 solid gate karabiners
  • Screwgate and GriGri or Click Up.
  • 120cm sling
  • 2 Screwgates

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