Hot Rock Trips
With the advent of the budget airlines, like Easyjet and Ryanair,Europe has opened up many exciting new venues for the rock climber. Cheap flights to Greece, Spain, Sardinia, Malta, Corsica, Morocco and Italy have allowed all climbers to visit the new meccas of Hot Rock. Generally climbers consider the Hot Rock venues from October to April when it is also an ideal time to escape the damper colder parts of Europe! Most Guided trips will meet up in country at the climbing venue. Make use of the out of season accommodation prices and hire cars. Food is generally excellent and many clients opt to eat out in the many local resturants and taverns. Its a holiday feel to these trips and many clients enjoy the chance to relax by a pool or a swim in the sea as part of a days activities.
As part of the climbing Guides will coach folk in how to improve their technique, Mental preparation and general leading strategy. Its common to start on single  pitch climbs but to move onto some of an areas longer multi pitch classics. A chance to improve, push your climbing boundaries under the watchful eye of a Guide.
Climbing trips can be for total beginners through to experienced climbers seeking a challenge. Popular Venues include:

  • Kalymnos
  • Sardinia
  • Malta
  • Spain
  • Morocco
  • Finale
  • Corsica


Corsica is a magical French Island in the Mediteranean Sea. The island is ringed with white sandy beaches with the interior covered in stunning granite mountains. The island is a huge destination for French Holiday makers but come October its a quite idyllic place to rock climb on immaculate granite.

Finale Hot Rock Climbing. Castles, stunning coastline, perfect rock and the full flavour of Italian food and culture. Finale the premier Italian Rock Climbing destination.

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