Rock Climbing Expeditions
The UK Mountain Guides have extensive experience climbing rock all over the world and can offer a large variety of exciting and innovative programs. Part of the enjoyment of exploring new remote areas for rock climbing is visiting far away places and being absorbed into different cultures. Expeditions can be all over the world and during every month of the year there are perfect venues to visit. Ideal for the colder, damper months. Travel , in country, may be by hire car, bus, walking or by donkey!
Generally if you are traveling to remote places to climb Guides would expect clients to have the basics of rock climbing in place. Climbing at a level of Severe or above. Understand basic rope work and belaying. Have experience of abseiling and removing runners.Some venues commonly used by our Guides:

  • Sport climbing in Spain and Southern Europe
  • Desert sandstone of Jordan
  • Atlas Mountains of Morocco
  • Taghia Morocco
  • Alpine rock and Chamonix granite
  • Norway and Lofoten Islands
  • Canadian Rockies
  • Patagonia
  • Madagascar
  • Brazil

For the super keen rock climber looking for the greatest rock climbs in the world here is our list

  • Lotus Flower Tower, The Yukon E1
  • Chouinard Becky, Houser Peak, Canadian Rockies HVS
  • ‘Out of Africa’ Madagascar E4
  • West Pillerian,  Lofoten Islands Norway E1
  • ‘Baracuda’ Taghia 6b Morocco.
  • Central Tower of Paine Bonnington route E2.

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