You don’t necessarily have to think of Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay heading off to the Himalayas in 1953 for several months! The term ‘Expedition’ is broadly used for climbing trips a bit further from civilization, and where we will often be sleeping in tents for part of the trip.
Spending a few weeks away from our everyday lives in a remote setting, along with like minded people can be a unique and thoroughly rewarding experience. Coupled with a climbing objective tailored to your level of experience and motivations is a once in a lifetime opportunity, not to be missed. Although be warned- the fulfillment and rewards run deep, and can be rather addictive!
For the most adventurous there is still a vast potential for new routing, especially in places like Alaska, Greenland, Patagonia, Chile, Morocco, Venezuela, Madagascar, and Bali. You don’t need to be a cutting edge alpinist to make the first ascent of a virgin summit or new climb. Plenty of un climbed objectives of all grades and sizes still exist across the mountain ranges of the globe.
We have basically two areas of Expedition climbing

  • Rock Climbing Expeditions
  • Mountaineering on Snow covered Mountains for the Alpinist


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