Moving Higher 4000m Peaks

If you are looking to build on your current mountaineering and alpine experience with view to climbing some classic peaks an intermediate style alpinism course is for you. We move high into the mountains and climb technically intricate routes involving steep snow arêtes and rock scrambling.  For some people a refresher of there skills is a great way to get the confidence for there own mountaineering. Others want to enhance and refine techniques so they can move faster and tackle harder bigger objectives. Many people just love to be guided leaving all the complex rope work and decision making to the guide and cruse along enjoying the climbing and taking in the views.  Starting on peaks of moderate size we often build up to 4000m summits.


Ratio                                 Up to 2: 1

Experience                     Scrambling, winter hillwalking, alpine experience preferable but not essential

Fitness level    Intermediate

Difficulty                         Peu Dificile to Assez Dificile (-)

Rock climbing
No Experienced needed – Learn to Climb
Some indoor /outdoor climbing -Learn to Lead
Some Leading Experience- Coaching Leading
Winter Hill walking experience–Introductory Alpine Climbing
Winter Hill walking/ Some Winter climbing-4000m Peaks
Previous Alpine course/climbs/Competent Second on rock/ Lead on rock-Technical Alpinism

<p> Level of fitness table</p>

To find a Guide for your chosen adventure please fill in the enquiry form, at the bottom of each page. Please include your contact details and some specifics information about what you are after. Once the form is submitted all Guides will receive the enquiry. Guides who are available will respond directly to yourselves with an email

As we all work independantly each Guide has their own pricing structure. This will vary depending on the seriousness of the climb and mountain, The length of the day and the numbers of clients involved.

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