Rock Climbing
Rock climbing in the Alps offers pitch after pitch of immaculate rock. Combine this with the sun on your back and the most beautiful vistas and you’ll be glad you came. This course takes in airy granite pillars, exposed faces and razor sharp crests. From cragging in alpine meadows to stepping off the glacier on to high mountain buttresses.  People who enjoy rock climbing in the UK or even sport climbing at sun rock destinations will want to taste the difference the Alps has to offer. Longer routes in more remote places beyond the Alps makes this rock climbing course unique.


Ratio                                 Up to 2: 1

Experience                     Rock climbing to an intermediate level seconding (F5 or HVS).  Some experience of leading useful.

Fitness level    Intermediate

Difficulty                         Dificile to Très Dificile

Rock climbing
No Experienced needed – Learn to Climb
Some indoor /outdoor climbing -Learn to Lead
Some Leading Experience- Coaching Leading
Winter Hill walking experience–Introductory Alpine Climbing
Winter Hill walking/ Some Winter climbing-4000m Peaks
Previous Alpine course/climbs/Competent Second on rock/ Lead on rock-Technical Alpinism

<p> Level of fitness table</p>

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As we all work independantly each Guide has their own pricing structure. This will vary depending on the seriousness of the climb and mountain, The length of the day and the numbers of clients involved.

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