Alpine Courses

All trips have tailored programs matching weather windows, conditions and your aspirations. No week in the alps is the same. Its important to have rope and movement skills that match the difficulty of your main objective so prior to heading up onto more difficult ground. Its advisable to practice these skills with your guide on more moderate terrain. This gives a good opportunity for acclimatization.  Lower glaciers and peaks are used as training during the first couple of days. With new clients this period also serves as a opportunity to observe current skills and fitness allowing us to be sure our objective is the right one.  Many areas of the alps allow for a 4000m peak to be climbed after a training trip.

Because there is such diversity of mountaineering opportunities in the Alps UK Mountain Guides has created examples of each type of activity or client type. So if your new to the alps have a look at Intro to Alpinism to wet your appitite. If you’ve been to the alps or have greater mountaineering experience from other places have a look at Moving Higher/4000m Peaks for expanding your horizons. Any one who’s looked across the arc of the alps from a high summit will have seen the steep faces and mejestic ridges of mountains now on your bucket list, Technical Alpine Challenges will unlock these aspirations. Once your skills are up to speed you’ll start to look to the alpine routes of legend. Big Grand Course Climbs like the Eiger North Wall, Cima Grande, Badile all have there place in the history books of alpine conquests. Finaly Alpine Rock Routes for the discerning climber.

UK Mountain Guides have two main types of service, training courses and guided mountaineering.

Training: Many people come to the Alps wanting to learn the skills necessary to look after themselves when teaming up with friends. Though many no glaciated mountain areas offer fantastic learning environment for fundamental skills. The nature of the Alps require one to move to the next level. Our guides are seasoned in delivering training that will lead hill walkers to become mountaineers and then become alpinists. We can offer courses that work from the very basics of packing you bag and putting on your crampons, but where we really shine is our ability to quickly understand your prior skill level and take you on in a more bespoke way.

Guiding: Though guiding has an undercurrent of training to allow our clients to progress. Guiding services are more objective orientated. Some clients may come to us knowing the mountain they’ve always wanted to climb, perhaps once they could have managed it themselves but now don’t have a climbing companion. Others enjoy a certain type of climbing and like to seek out the best objectives of that type in any given alpine area. Yet some simply like the idea of standing on a peak in the cool of the morning having had a good challenge with a trusted companion and the opportunity to share the view as the chain of the alps stretches out beyond.

The beauty of working with an independent guide is that you have more control of what you get. So if you’re unsure if it’s training or guiding you want. You can mix it up. Training at the start of the week while you acclimatise and learn, then a guided ascent at the end when you’re up to speed and moving in sync with you guide…

The Alps has many massifs each with a central point of access, towns like Chamonix, Zermatt and Grindelwald are the best known. However our guides are a diverse bunch and like to explore as much as you do. In making an enquiry why not forge a plan together with your guide. A degree of flexibility and open mindedness goes a long way to getting the most out of the prevailing conditions and weather. It also gives rise to adventures on peaks you’ve never dreamed of. Responding to your individual aspirations we cater for a broad range of abilities and interests.

The 6 day climbing itinerary works well for many people who have a day of travel to get to the Alps, it also gives the optimum opportunity to acclimatise for your big objective. During peak season many guides like to work this way, starting on Sunday and finishing on Friday. However at times of the year when demand reduces 3 to 4 day trips can yield great results on the lower peaks and climbs.

Some people come to have a one off mountain experience. Others start a relationship of development and comradeship with us in the mountains, building experience for climbing tougher peaks on the next trip or when out with your friends.

Rock climbing
No Experienced needed – Learn to Climb
Some indoor /outdoor climbing -Learn to Lead
Some Leading Experience- Coaching Leading
Winter Hill walking experience–Introductory Alpine Climbing
Winter Hill walking/ Some Winter climbing-4000m Peaks
Previous Alpine course/climbs/Competent Second on rock/ Lead on rock-Technical Alpinism

<p> Level of fitness table</p>

To find a Guide for your chosen adventure please fill in the enquiry form, at the bottom of each page. Please include your contact details and some specifics information about what you are after. Once the form is submitted all Guides will receive the enquiry. Guides who are available will respond directly to yourselves with an email

As we all work independantly each Guide has their own pricing structure. This will vary depending on the seriousness of the climb and mountain, The length of the day and the numbers of clients involved.

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