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Whether it’s your first time walking in crampons on a glacier or if you want long exposed snow and rock ridges on high peaks, one of our guides our will create an alpine experience to suite you. Between the members of UK Mountain Guides we have a great wealth of knowledge of the European Alps, British National Parks and Greater Ranges areas across the globe. This means one of us will be able to help you make plan with view to meeting your aspirations no matter obscure. In fact the more obscure the better. We like to rise to the challenge of mountaineering objectives in little known areas. Some times our clients come to us with plans for a climb, other times it’s us that make the suggestions to climb peaks we think you’d like.

Alpine guided ascents, leaving the cosiness of the mountain hut with bright headtorches on, walking on crunchy snow and 360-degree summit views of one of the World’s most fantastic playgrounds…A trip to the Alps in the summer never disappoints.

Trekking in larger groups makes for a social team experience, it’s all about the journey and bonding with your rope fellows. Some times the journey begins flying to a new and unfamiliar country with the hustle and bustle of the developing world. Other times the ease of european destinations means you take the first steps of your trek the day after you leave work.

Expeditions always need a determined approach. Planing ahead, peak permits and porters all build the anticipation of great things to come. Acclimatization, camping and organizing the up coming assault keeps one busy at base camp. Then the climb, every thing you’ve been thinking of in the months leaning up comes in to sharp focused reality. And the summit…. well in all propper adventures the outcome is uncertain.


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