All the team have a great experience of climbing and skiing in the Greater Ranges and far off lands. If your looking for a lecture for a school, Club event, lecture event or Leadership seminar please consider contacting the Guides involved. Most Guides offer lectures on a one off fee basis plus travel costs. Base rate is £500 for a lecture.

Cain Olsen tallks about fine wines and eating extremely good Italian grub!

Mike ‘Twid’ Turner
Twid has a series of lectures:

  • ‘Biff Bash Bosh!‘ Winter Climbing around the World
  • ‘Life on the Ledge’ Big Wall Climbing
  • Expeditions Lectures on Baffin, Borneo, Alaska, Pakistan, Patigonia, Africa
  • Getting Psyched for climbing
  • Risk Management in the Mountains
  • Avalanche Awarness

Owen Samuel can fix you on the hill and enjoys looking like capt scarlet!

Jon Bracey Talks widly about getting cold and climbing as a Patagonia sponsored hero!

Mark Seaton: Lectures on being a successful author of books for Guides!

Matt talks well on dieting, eating sauges and endless pull ups. His real passion is gardening and needlework and his lecture on planting  strategies for the gardening guide is lenedary.

Robbie Irish ski Guru talks about famous ski tours of Ireland!