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To find a Guide for your chosen adventure please fill in the enquiry form, at the bottom of each page. Please include your contact details and some specifics information about what you are after. Once the form is submitted all Guides will receive the enquiry. Guides who are available will respond directly to yourselves with an email.

UK Mountain Guides is a syndicate of like minded and dedicated British Mountain Guides who have joined forces to market together. The team are a bunch of experienced and currently working Mountain Guides. All can be found skiing and climbing ice in the winter while rock climbing and summiting on Alpine peaks during the summer months.</p><p>The website demonstrates the type of Guiding, Instruction and Coaching all the Guides involved can offer to clients. All the Guides have a shared passion for mountains, love for each activity and a common goal to provide high quality and fun Guided experience’s for their clients. Through our shared experience and adventures, its hoped as a whole, that we can offer a more enjoyable and interesting Adventure for people.

The IFMGA guide is the highest level of qualification attainable by mountain professionals, and is an achievement recognised in more than 25 member countries. The IFMGA badge ensures the highest level of expertise and leadership across the disciplines of mountaineering, rock and ice climbing and backcountry skiing. All holders of the IFMGA badge have undertaken the highest level of training and assessment, this process taking about 5 years and great skill and dedication to achieve.

IFMGA means International Federated Mountain Guides Associations and is the English translation of Union Internationale des Associations de Guide de Montagne (UIAGM). All IFMGA guides hold both a badge and a card identifying them as a fully licensed and insured guide.

The British mountain guides are members International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA). Our members work in our home country, in the European Alps and in mountain ranges throughout the world. All our members have a defining passion for mountain sports and are experts at leading groups in challenging mountain environments.

Mike Twid Turner
Cain Olsen
  • Finale Rock Climbing
  • Skiing Dolomites
Matt Dickenson
Miles Bright
  • Chamonix Climbing
  • Mont Blanc
  • Ski Touring Chamonix